Thursday, March 23, 2006

New addition

Well, yesterday I decided to add a new addition to my house. So, I'm a new mom all over again!

I decided to get a bunny. She's not really a bunny, she's a rabbit. And she's cute. I got her from Animal Care and Control. She was picked up by them roaming around outside. How could people do that to a pet. They are horrible.

A friend of mine has rabbits and loves them deeply. I went over to her house and fell in love with hers, so decided that I needed to get my own. She's great! I'm going to start working on building her a pen or cage type enclosure, so she can have a lot of room to run around. Right now she's in a horribly small cage for a rabbit, but I'll get her something bigger and better tonight.

The dogs don't seem to mind her at all. Sadie is a little interested, but Brutus couldn't be bothered. That's a good thing.

She's sharing a room with my rat. Well, not really sharing, but living in the same room. Hopefully they won't bother each other too much.

I'll need to get some pictures of her out there, but first I have to take some pictures. :)


Blogger Conners said...

Congratulations Mommy!!! When I rescued my little dwarf rabbit, it's best friend was BrandyCat. I had a houseful of all types of animals and we became one happy family and even played and sometimes napped together.
I don't know of any kind of animal that won't get along with another animal if properly introduced into the family.
You've got the biggest heart Lindy!!!

1:04 AM  

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