Thursday, May 25, 2006

'Primetime' Airs First-Ever Face Transplant

Isabelle is the first person
to receive a face transplant

'Primetime' Airs First-Ever Face Transplant
May 25th/06

For the first time on American television, viewers will witness a groundbreaking face transplant procedure as Barbara Walters goes behind the scenes of the revolutionary surgery in a new "Primetime"
special tonight at 10 p.m. on ABC.

Last November, French doctors reconstructed the face of a woman who lost her nose, both lips and chin when she was mauled by her dog.

ISABELLE DINOIRE, 38, received a new face from a 46-year-old brain-dead donor during a surgery performed at University Hospital in Amiens. The groundbreaking operation was attempted after her Labrador chewed off the bottom half of her face while she was in a drug-induced sleep.

''When I woke up, I tried to light a cigarette and didn't understand why it wouldn't stay between my lips,'' she told reporters about the incident. ''That's when I saw the pool of blood and the dog beside it.''

"Primetime" acquired a French documentary that follows Isabelle's amazing medical journey, beginning the day she arrived at the facial surgery department at the hospital. The documentary features never-before-seen footage that was shot during the unprecedented 15-hour procedure. Additionally, Barbara interviews hospital staff and famed transplant surgeon Dr. Jean-Michel Dubernard.

The show will also air exclusive footage of Isabelle that was shot just last week that will allow viewers to see her progress so far. While the operation has been considered a success, there are concerns about the healing process.

Isabelle's doctors say her body could still reject the new tissue and it may take months before they know how much motor control she'll develop in the lower half of her face.

But the mother of two said that ''being able to show emotions through my face'' is already the best thing to happen since the dreadful accident.


Anonymous Aidana said...

Although I love all animals... this is why I am cautious when it comes to dogs...

I treat dogs all the time with my remedies, but I still try to be aware that dogs do bite... they are dogs.

I surround myself with cats my son has several dogs.

I love them all.


5:14 PM  
Blogger Conners said...

I watched this and it's amazing the reconstruction they did to this woman. A first of it's kind and I hope her body doesn't reject the transplant even though they lowered her immune system for the surgery.
I might add that it was a lab that did this to the woman. Not that it makes it any better, but just to show that ANY dog can bite and cause damage. Not just Bullies as the government and media would like you to believe.

3:15 PM  

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