Saturday, June 17, 2006

Horray for Spencer

June 16, 2006
Mayor Sam Jones Rescues Pit Bull Terrier
Mobile Mayor Sam Jones has negotiated a new home for the Pit Bull Terrier found in Midtown last month - a move that will protect the safety of the public and not alter the city's policy on these breeds.

The Pit Bull, which was found underweight, ill-fed and dehydrated, will be sent to the Utah-based Best Friends Animal Society, a group found Friday by Jones and animal shelter officials.

"The issue with the dog has taken away from the city's award-winning adoption program at the shelter," said Mayor Jones. "This arrangement will hopefully return the focus back to the need for good homes for adoptable animals in our shelter."

There are currently 109 dogs in our kennel, with 51 up for adoption. Jones said the Best Friends Animal Society has assured the city that the dog will not be adopted.

"This will allow the city's policy to remain intact," said Mayor Jones.

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