Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Update on Shire



The deWeerd family has been infirmed that their lawyer has not filed and cannot file until the end of this year, for an injunction to save her life. Shire has since been moved out of this horrid community, Florenceville New Brunswick Canada, with the kind help of a concerned dog owner in NB. If she is found within the town limits, she will be killed.


The deWeerd family moved from Ontario into Florenceville New Brunswick. Hired by McCain foods, this family prior to making the final decision to move contacted the Florenceville town hall to ensure they had no BSL. Their real estate agent was also informed NO BSL.

John deWeerd registered Shire as a Rottweiler and was issued a licence for the year 2006. Two days after moving into their home, an ACO officer notified them that Shire was to moved or killed. It did not matter to this town, that Shire was a co worker with her mom and had been working as a pet therapy companion with special needs children for many years. It did not matter that Shire has never stepped one foot out of line in her entire life. She is a rottie and therefore she must die.

Despite direct contact by various organizations to include the DLCC and the CKC, the town of Florenceville has refused to allow Shire to permanently live in their community. The Mayor has refused to step in and be compassionate to this family, to Shire.

The town's major employer, McCain Foods John deWeerd's employer has refused to assist this family.

107 Main St
Florenceville NB, E7L 1B2
Phone: 506-392-5541
Fax: 506-392-8156
Toll Free: 877-462-5676

The love of their dog has cost untold stress emotionally and financially. Three lawyers later, the death sentence remains, the house is not sold, the real estate agency is not accepting any responsibility neither is the town of Florenceville.

Shire has borne the brunt of the stress. She has been fostered in kennels and in friends homes since all of this started. She does not understand the depth of the hatred this community holds for her and her owners simply because she was born with politically incorrect genes. All Shire knows is that she is not with her family where she belongs.

They have set up a PayPal account to help them financially. This battle has cost thousands of dollars with no end in sight.

If you cannot help financially,then please sign the below petition addressed to the town of Florenceville NB. It is important for this town to know we as responsible dog owners will never support in any way, municipalities that kill our dogs for no reason other than breed biased hatred.

Finally,the deWeerd family needs letters from dog owners across this continent sent to them in support of saving Shire. These letters will be used in her defence. Please forward these letters of support for the deWeerd family at

LeeAnn O'Reilly RN,PBMH
Pres.Dog Legislation Council of Canada


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