Friday, October 27, 2006

Streets Not Safe for “Man nor Beast!”

On Monday evening, October 23 2006, in the Jane and Finch area, a lady was walking her dog, Prince, when someone drove by and fired a gun. She heard a loud “pop” and Prince started crying and blood appeared from a wound in his chest.

Thankfully, we were there to help. The bullet is still lodged in Prince’s chest and The Toronto Humane Society veterinarians report that until they are able to stabilize him, they can’t operate—Prince is not a young dog and the operation will be hard on him.

Please keep Prince in your thoughts, wish him luck and visit this page again for further updates on his condition.

If you have any information on this vicious attack, please call our Investigations Department at 416-392-2273 ext. 2172 or 2159.

Wednesday, October 25 2006
The Toronto Humane Society vets performed surgery on Prince and he is expected to make a full recovery after coming out of surgery “successfully and without incident”. The surgery lasted approximately two hours. The veterinarians at the shelter said removing the bullet was necessary because of its proximity to the dog's heart, which put him at risk of infection.


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Your update is great news. So often the press leave us in limbo as to the outcome.

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