Monday, April 24, 2006

Another One Needs OUR Help


Knuckles Desperately Needs Your Help

I learned of Tiffany McPherson and her dog Knuckles' via a email I received from a fellow BSL fighter up in Ontario, Canada. Tiffany had emailed her seeking advice from anyone who might help her save the life of her beloved Pittie, Knuckles. My friend forwarded Tiffany's email to me, as both Tiffany and I live in Northern California. Over the last few days, I've come to know Tiffany through the many emails we've exchanged regarding Knuckles' desperate situation.

Knuckles was scheduled to be destroyed today, April 21st, following a string of unfortunate circumstances, combined with the fact that she is an American Pit Bull Terrier. I have no doubt that were Knuckles a Golden Retriever or a Lab or any other non-maligned breed, this tragic situation would never have occurred. But it has, so now on behalf of Knuckles and Tiffany, I'm reaching out to dog lovers everywhere to help us save this sweet Pittie's life.

As I mentioned, Knuckles' execution was scheduled for today but, miraculously, Tiffany found an attorney to take her case. Yesterday afternoon, her attorney filed a court petition for a stay of destruction, giving poor Knuckles' a last-minute reprieve. In addition to the stay, the petition also requests a new hearing for Knuckles, to be held at the Solano County Superior Courthouse. The court date has not been set yet and is not expected to happen for at least another two weeks. It is what we in the dog community do in these next two weeks that may very well determine whether Knuckles lives or dies. I cannot stress the urgency of the situation enough; Knuckles' fate literally hangs in the balance.

As of today, April 21st, Knuckles has been confined for 33 long days to a small cage at the Solano County Animal Services facility, and will continue languishing there for at least another two weeks whilst she awaits her new court date. Most of you probably know how hard long confinement without exercise and social interaction is on a dog's physical and mental well-being. That is why it is so important to win Knuckles' freedom as soon as is humanly possible. I believe we can achieve this through an action plan that will alert both the media and public alike to Knuckles' desperate situation.

I'm proposing a grassroots effort that will not only call attention to Knuckles' personal dilemna, but also to the unfair and discriminatory treatment faced by all Pit Bulls and their guardians.

I have included links at the top of this page which contain contact information for the following:

1. The Solano County Animal Control Services facility. Please call, email and/or write to them to express your support for Knuckles' release and for the fair and unbiased treatment of Pit Bulls and their mixes. Call every day, if you can. We must bombard them with our words and voices in order to force their serious attention to this important issue.

2. The local media. Again, please bombard them with phone calls, emails and letters expressing your support for Knuckles' release and for the fair and unbiased treatment of Pit Bulls and their mixes. If we can get the media to cover Knuckles' story, we gain a better foothold in securing her release and in educating the viewing public about the heartbreak and injustice wrought by breed discrimination.

3. Online petition. Please sign Tiffany's petition declaring Knuckles' innocence and calling for her release. It only takes a minute. Tiffany's attorney will present the petition to the Solano County Superior Court in their upcoming hearing.

4. Tiffany's email. Tiffany has been to hell and back these past days, weeks and months. She is left heartsick each and every day that Knuckles spends her life caged and alone, separated from the only family she knows and loves. If you have some words of solace or encouragement to offer, please drop Tiffany a line; Tiffany would so very much appreciate knowing that she is not alone in her struggle.

I have also included links to the following:

1. The case background. This page details the events and misunderstandings which led to Knuckles' impoundment and death sentence.

2. An explanation of the kennel fees which are accruing daily (nearly $1,000.00 by the time the new hearing commences), and other fees which Tiffany is struggling to bear in order to save her cherished companion. I've also explained how 100% of all donations to The Save Knuckles Fund Paypal account will be collected, allocated and disseminated.

3. Case updates. This page will post updates on Knuckles' case as it progresses. Please bookmark this page and check back often to keep current with the results of the media blitz, the court hearing, and the donations which will be tallied on a regular basis.

4. Petition for Stay of Destruction. A copy of the petition filed yesterday, April 20th, calling for a stay of destruction is available for reading by clicking on the link in the right-hand column on the upper portion of this web page. This file is in PDF format and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to open. If you do not have Acrobat Reader on your computer, you can download it for free HERE.


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