Monday, April 10, 2006

Close call

I'm going to use "Lynn" and "Buster and Sheeba" to tell this story in case any unlawful people decide to read it. This happened to my "friend" last week.......

On a warm sunny afternoon, Lynn had brought over a friend to play with her new rabbit. No, was a hamster. Well, while they were upstairs, she heard the dogs barking and barking and barking. They weren't stopping. Lynn yelled down the stairs that it was okay and they could stop barking, and they did. A minute or two later, she thought that it was quiet, too quiet in the house for having two little yappy dogs. They hadn't spoken, so she called them and they didn't come running. Panicing, Lynn ran down the stairs to find no dogs in her house. She immediately ran out the front door where Buster was across the street sniffing the grass. Sheeba was no where in sight. She called Buster over and he came darting in the house. Then she was calling for Sheeba. She came running too. Whew. There were people across the street, but I, whoops, I mean Lynn didn't think that the dogs even bothered saying hi to them.

The good thing about this story is that Animal Care and Control didn't come, or wasn't called, so Lynn and her pit bulls, I mean Yorkies are safe and it felt good for her dogs to have a two minute run of freedom. :)

Those of you that know Lynn, will understand totally. :)


Blogger Conners said...

This story was cute because you were thinking with a brain like mine. Was it a rabbit or a hamster? Are the dogs Bully's or Yorkies?
Yes, I know they are bullies, but all the same it was cute the way you wrote it. LOL
We've all had some close calls lately and it must be the spring weather, so all owners BEWARE!!!
Thank God ACC wasn't around!!! This is becoming frightening, but once they do get loose once, we're really on our toes after that. Unfortunately, that first close call could be their last as had happened to others that weren't so lucky.

3:13 PM  
Blogger Amstaffie said...

I'm glad "Buster & Sheeba" came running back & are safe now!

1:13 PM  

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