Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Weekend dog attack points to growing problem

Lindsay This Week - Peterborough,Ontario,Canada
Paul Rellinger

A weekend dog attack has left another dog seriously injured and a Peterborough Humane Society official upset over an increase in attacks.

Early Saturday morning, an eight-year-old boy was walking his three-year-old Lab-type dog in East City when two German Shepherd-type dogs came running from their property and attacked the dog, which was seriously injured.

The puppy was rushed to Peterborough Veterinary Services for emergency surgery on its stomach.

According to Brad Algar, general manager of the Peterborough Humane Society, the attacking dogs are known to the society with their owners due in court Aug. 14 for an incident back in March. In that incident, a person was approached by the growling and barking dogs.

"Attacks are up 57 per cent over this time last year," says Mr. Algar."We have had five attacks in the last four days, bringing the total to 75 incidents with 27 before the courts, seven under final preparation, seven under investigation with four attacks in the last 36 hours, and still a backlog of 85 pit bull-related cases."

Mr. Algar says, as a result, society investigators are under intense pressure.


Blogger Conners said...

*sigh* Again, roaming dogs. Doesn't matter the breeds. Irresponsible owners are still alowing their dogs to roam. That's surely going to cause problems.
The more they focus on the bullie breeds, more owners of other breeds are breaking bylaw restrictions and getting away with it...unless of course there's a fight break out.

4:57 AM  

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