Friday, September 08, 2006

Please Help Zoey

Hi everyone!

It's Brutus writing. I've got a serious problem. My friend Zoey has become very sick. Her mommy and daddy are trying everthing that they can, but you know how much vet bills can cost.

Please, I'm asking you to donate some amount of money to her vet bills. She's only two years old and has so much life left in her. She has great parents that are trying to help her but are having a very hard time affording this.

Donations (via Visa or Mastercard) to:
Penetang Veterinary Hospital
(705) 549-8296

Please read the note written by Zoey's daddy and seriously consider donating anything that you can to the vet.

Thanks everyone!

P.S. Here's a a link to my friend Zoey's page on dogster (since picture uploading isn't working on this site again for some strange reason).

Zoey has become very sick over the past few weeks that is why my wife has not been on we've been to the vet the last time was today and it cost me another 288 on top of medical fees totalling 200 last week i love my dog it is a part of our family but i only have so much money living on disability as it is was hard enough to come up with the funds already paid.The vet says another 109 tomorrow for some more blood work and then maybe 800 to 1200 if her intestine is blocked.which wants another 177 for x rays i just don't know what to do with my wifes anxiety and this is all to much at once normally we would never ask strangers for anything but if there is any way anyone of you can find it in your hearts to donate whatever you could for zoey not for me or family ,well for our happiness to keep our dog alive .you could donate to Penetang Veterinary Hospital # (705) 549-8296 Under Tammy and Zoey Cole for account or more info Pmail me , if you would only like to make loan instead of donation please state that and we will make every effort to get your money back to you asap but would really prefer donations as this has already took food of our table and new kids school clothes back cuz vet wont go on payment plan they are pretty heartless with them its all about the money i had to wait 4 days till i got paid just to bring her to vet cuz they wouldn't see her without cash and she lost 10 pounds in 7 days I'm sorry i don't mean to whine but just love zoey very very much couldn't really live without her normally my wife Tammy would be writing but she is by zoey's side and has asked me to write


Blogger Conners said...

The sad news id Zoey didn't make it. She is now in Rainbow Bridge, but Tammy and the family are suffering over the loss of her.
Tammy had a lot of the same disabilities and health problems I have and Zoey, although not official, was her service dog and helped her through her day.
I can't imagine what this loss will do to her as she has lost a very special part of her that she needed to stay independant to a certain degree.
The family grieves for the pet they lost and family member.
Tammy and Zoey fought the great fight agaist the BSL here in Ontario. Who would have thought health would have taken her. It's so beyond sad.

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