Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Training Day 2

Well, training went much better this weekend and I was so proud of Brutus.

Although when we got there, all he would do is bark and bark and bark, so I left him alone for a few minutes and came back to him. He had calmed down a little bit. I got him out of the car and we started for the building. Started......

Don had taught us last week not to let our dogs pull on the leash and this is what Brutus was doing. I know it's excitment, but I was going to be the one to determine when we were going in, not him. It took about five minutes outside before we got inside. Every time he decided to pull on the leash and try to dart for the door, I walked the other way and he of course had to follow me.

Now for inside........As soon as you walk in the door, there's a set of stairs. Brutus did quite nice going up the first 5 but the last five were a nightmare. I had to keep walking down the stairs until he finally realized that if he was trying to pull me up the stairs, we weren't going anywhere. Well, it finally worked and I feel that after ten minutes of that, he was ready for anything. He wasn't so hyper once we reached the rest of the group. :-)

Congrats buddy!

Well, we worked a lot alone this week on watching and loose leash work. I think Brutus is really getting the hang of it. For next class, he's got to know how to sit while a stranger is brushing the dog and walk toward a stranger and stop when I do. Brutus did pretty good at these for our pre-evaluatiton. It's the actual brushing part that's going to be fun! He HATES being brushed. Oh well, hopefully he's tired and I can pretend that I'm petting him to sleep.


Blogger Conners said...

I've been practicing what I missed on Saturday and thank you for the homework.
Those steps up to class are killers huh! I've decided to practice Shasta at my apartment steps from the hallway in and out. You should bring Brutis and we can practice together.
Think of it. At the top of the steps they know there are dogs, so we have to focus them to us. Well here the focus would be the door outside (YAHOO! It's WALK time!) but it's not. See my point?
I'm glad Brutus is doing so well. But then, I KNEW he would!

11:50 PM  

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