Thursday, September 14, 2006

A 14-hour standoff — and no one home

Last Updated: Thursday, September 14, 2006 6:08 PM ET
CBC News

After a 14-hour standoff, police broke down the door of a townhouse in the Ottawa neighbourhood of Bells Corners and searched it — only to find there was no one inside.

Police surrounded the house on Richmond Road near Moodie Drive at about midnight on Wednesday, intending to arrest a 35-year-old man for an earlier domestic assault and uttering threats.

Ottawa Police surrounded the townhouse at about midnight on Wednesday, intending to arrest a man for an earlier domestic assault.

Early Thursday morning, armed police officers cleared people out of townhouses on both sides of the residence, although many people stayed in the area to watch.

Police waited for 14 hours, shouted repeatedly for the suspect and lobbed tear gas before finally entering the building.

Eventually, police officers obtained a new warrant that allowed them to search the house.

They smashed the clasp of the front door with a sledgehammer.

Then they threw a volley of tear gas into the house and continued to shout for the man to come out — but drew no response.

Finally, at about noon, the officers broke down the door.

CBC reporters outside heard the sound of gunshots from inside the house.

It turned out that officers found two pit bulls and shot them dead.

What they did not find was the man they were looking for, despite searching the house from top to bottom, said Const. Steven Desjourdy.

"Police searched the whole building, including the attic. There are no holes in the walls to suppose that he did go into another apartment. So we can only suppose that he might have left last night."

The man presumably escaped despite the fact that police had the house surrounded since Wednesday night.
Fifteen to 20 police officers left the scene after the thorough, but futile search.

Police continue searching for the Ottawa man.

So, why did the police shoot the dogs??? Doesn't make sense to me......


Blogger Conners said...

Especially when it wasn't even his dogs and they had already tear gassed the place. If the dogs were running, it was probably to get out in the friesh air, not the police.
Nothing makes sense of this!!!
BTW...Shasta left a message for Brutus on my blog. She's got her own Dogster to post to, so why MY blog???'s there. LOL

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