Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Video - For the Love of a Pit

Yahoo! The video's done, done, done and I'm excited. I think that I have had almost 250 views on it. I hope it's getting the point out there.

Thanks to everyone that sent in their pictures to me. I am however, working on a second one already. I have about 10 more pictures that were sent in to me after this video was already made.

Go to my website and watch it. I like it, but then again, I made it. It might suck arse for all I know. Haha!

I got a lot of pictures from Tammy and Em with Advocates for the Underdog, and am very greatful for that. I'm thinking that the next video that I make will have lots of pictures with kids. I think I only had one or two in this video. And I'd like to get some muzzle shots in there too. Just to show what these kids have to go through just to go outside for a walk.

Damn government.....

Speaking of government.....I'm happy with the NDP's and the amount of seats they won this election! Great work guys! We even have one in our totally Liberal city that won! I'm impressed. She's an amazing woman and I hope she'll get something done up there for the good of the dogs.

Here a picture of me and my Brut chillin' in the hallway at home.


Blogger Amstaffie said...

Great job on the video!!! Everyone's babies are so adorable, how can anyone want to ban such a loving and devoted breed...

When you make your other video, you are welcom to use any of Storm's pictures on her website.


Anything to help fight BSL!

8:23 PM  
Blogger pitbulljungle said...


I've finished the first one, but I'm going to make another one very soon! Did you get a chance to see it?

10:05 AM  
Blogger Conners said...

Of course she did silly or she wouldn't have said Great Job! You have to get the wax outta your ears. ROFL
I forgot I was going to send you some of Shasta with the muzzle and some kids/dogs one. Thanks for reminding me.
And as far as liking it, I don't promote something I don't like no matter if we are friends or not. I not only have it on my 'Truth about Bit bull page' but also on my Ontario Pit bull Ban. Obviously I LIKE IT VERY MUCH! Remember too, you probably got a lot more hits that that on it as you have it on several other web sites, so be proud Lady. You did a fantastic job!!!

11:40 PM  

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