Friday, February 24, 2006

Dog Attacks Continue

This was written by a friend of mine in a local paper here.

Do I feel safer?

As my heart aches for the innocent puppies being used as research specimens or put to death based solely on their appearance under this new Ontario dog laws, no I don t feel safer.

Lets see here:

Nov. 7, 2005, London, police officer bitten by dog in the canine unit during a pursuit.
Nov. 10, 2005, Carlsbad Springs (east of Ottawa), dog bites child, nose requires reconstructive surgery, dog belonged to family friend. This is the dog’s fifth serious bite in several years.
Jan. 7, 2006, Kingston, dog attacks and kills a neighbour’s dog.
Feb. 11, 2006, Ottawa, dog attacks two-year-old child in park, child receives nine stitches to his face.

None of the dogs involved in these incidents where the Liberal’s dreaded pit bull-type dog and they are all still at large. Some owners received fines, that should be enough to ensure our safety right? Or perhaps we should ban these five other breeds? Maybe that would work?

Or maybe, just maybe, as proven in several other Ontario municipalities, several other provinces and several other countries, breed specific legislation doesn’t work and, in fact, poses more of a threat to public safety. Yes, as long as those short coated muscular 30 lb. pitbulls are muzzled surely there is no chance of the big fluffy 100 lb. untrained, off-leash dog causing harm to a small child in the park.

Thanks Michael Bryant, you puppy-killer you.


Blogger Conners said...

Had she of had space, did you see the original list? It had at least 100 examples and none were Pit bulls! Imagine that!

4:35 PM  

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