Sunday, January 29, 2006

Training Day 3 - How exciting!

Well, I found out some great news yesterday at training class. I can show my dog in dog shows. Just not CKC run matches. That's great for me to hear. I really wanted to get some obedience titles for Brutus and now I can. I was sooooo mad when I found out that I was unable to trial Brutus with the CKC, but now I'm not so bitter. I can better my dogs after all. I'll just make sure that none of my dogs will ever be registered with the CKC and I will never trial any of my dogs with them again. Sorry fellas, but you suck! So, UKC it is. I'm getting excited for Brutus. Since I have trialed my dogs in the past, I've been working on the steps with Brutus and he's been doing very good. Now onto training day 3....

Well, I don't really remember a whole lot that we did and it was only yesterday. I must be getting old. We worked on three steps.

1. Walking through a crowd. We had to walk in a figure eight motion while the two people there were clapping their hands or stomping their feet. Brutus did great!

2. Recall: Self explanitory. Brutus rocked on that one too.

I'm not sure what other steps we did. Man, the memory is going. Oh well. We worked on some aggression issues and I think that Brutus handled himself in a pretty good manor.

All in all, it was a pretty great training day for us. I'm now 99% positive that Brutus is going to pass. I used to be 10% positive, so it shows how much confidence I've got in the little guy now.


Blogger Conners said...

It was funny when Shasta was suppose to go past the other dog without getting upset or off tract. That's when he was teaching us the Alpha Wolf strategy of the shaking at the neck with a load NO!
Instead the two licked each other, but Shasta kept walking with me without stopping. ROFL
They should have put Shasta and that BIG dog together. Then maybe I would have had reason to shake and NO! LOL
I don't know why you worry about Brutus so much. He is doing TERRIFIC and I knew all along he was going to do great.
Just remember what Don said, our insecurities and our confidences both go to the dogs and he showed me how my nervousness effected Shasta.
Once I gained confidence and smiling with an uplifting stance, she was walking smiling and tail wagging.
Did you find the wolf stances on the net yet? I still have to go and look them up.

10:53 PM  

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